Friday, 1 July 2011

An Exclusive Interview With Industries Minister Yumkham Erabot.

A Man Who Stands To Check Corruption
(this interview was taken sometime in August 2010, (when he was in charge of Consumers' Affaire) soon after Y Erabot had brave NH53 with few of his escort to take stock of the conditio of the highway, at a time when Naga bodies imposed prolong economic blockade. I am reproducing this just to remind my readers about the personality of Minister Y Erabot who was once in the center stage.)

By : Rinku Khumukcham

Q: When and why did you join politics? What’s your political goal?
Y. Erabot- There was no original aim and object in joining politics. I was a worker of the then Samyukta Socialist Party (SSP, the then leading opposition party in Manipur) in the statehood demand movement in 1960. Since then I have been inclining towards politics.

Q: What’s your biggest achievement and what’s your biggest failure?
Y. Erabot – I have neither biggest achievement nor biggest failure still in life. I have been discharging all activities as duty for duty sake without question of definite consequence as taught in the “Geeta”.

Q: What is your immediate goal?
Y. Erabot – To attain physical and emotional integration amongst all ethnic groups in the state for which administrative system is to be changed i.e., amendment of the MLR and LR act.

Q: Why do you defy the chief minister in bringing the trucks to the state? Were not you scarred of your for your life and career?
Y.Erabot – I could not believe that NH 53 (Imphal Jiri road) was not serviceable. To import the PDS items with other item through the so called Guite road under an order of the government by passing me was very unfortunate. It was not deceiving of me but it was a great and merciless betrayal to general public. That is why I went to Jiri on 21-5-2010 without having formal tour programme with my limited house guards and come back with not less than 300 loaded trucks and tankers on the following day i.e., 22-5-2010.
I do not have a moment for my life and career.

Q: Who is your idol?
Y. Erabot- I honour to all idol.

Q: What are your hobbies? How do you like to unwind?
Y. Erabot – To enjoy time with animals. I had a tiger cup in 1990-91 which I later gave to state zoological garden at Iroisemba, Impal. Right now I have 18 cats, three dogs, one goat, one monkey and two cows. I enjoy being with them. I even share spoon with my goat Hero in breakfast.
…….. I have learnt many things from these animals. All these animals dogs, cats, goat and monkey stay together lovingly like one family. I see no enmity among them. I wonder why we human being hated each other when we belong to the same species.

( Hero, the goat was brought from a family at Kanglatombi. The family was supposed to sacrifice it. Minister Erabot then requested the family to spare the goat. The family offered the goat to him as gift and since than HERO has been staying as one of the best pet of ERABOT. About the Monkey Bondu, it was safe from being cooked by a group of youths at a place in Ukhrul district.)

Q: Given a chance, what would you like to change in Indian Politics?
Y. Erabot – Not to change in Indian Politics but to check Corruption.

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