Thursday, 30 June 2011

Third round of tripartite talk held at Senapati

Central government roles critical in the talk as the representatives throw the ball to the state government court
By:Rinku Khumukcham

The third round of tripartite talk between the center, state government and the Naga civil societies under the initiative of United Naga Council UNC failed to bring out any amicable solution as the later stuck to their demand for an alternative arrangement for all Naga people living in Manipur. While Chief Secretary DS Poonia who is leading the state representative said that they had good dialogue, Chairman of the, Committee for Alternative arrangement of the UNC Sword Vashum termed the result of the talk as not fruitful as the talk failed to arrive at any concrete decision for sorting out the demand of the Naga People. On the other hand central government representation to the tripartite talk appeared critical as they throw the ball to the state government in making any move for ending the present crisis.

The significance of the central government team representation in the ongoing tripartite talk between the UNC, the state government and the central government appeared critical as Joint Secretary of the MHA who is also incharge of the North East, Shambhu Singh sideline to give any comment from the central government side soon after the tripartite talk which held today at Senapati district head quarter.
The Union Home Ministry team led by Internal Security Secretary MHA, UK Bansal along with Joint Director AK Mishra and Director of Military Operation Col. SK Narayan arrived in the state to attend today’s talk. The state government team was led by Chief Secreatry DS Poonia.
Principal secretary LP Golmei, Secretary to CM Sumant singh along with 5 other government top officials were also present during the hourlong talk. The UNC team was led by Sword Vashum , Chairman for Alternative Arrangement . Former MP Manicharanamei, Member secretary   L Adani , Paul leo and and five other leaders of the Naga civil societies - the NPO, Takhul Nagalong, Zelianrong Baudi and Chandel Naga took part in the tarpartite talk. The talk which began at around 10.30 am lasted for around an hour however failed to arrived at any conclusive decision even though Manipur Chief Secretary DS Poonia termed today’s talk as a good one.

The chief secretary version was however differ with that of Sword Vashum , chairman of the committee for alternative arrangement at which he said that the talk was not fruitful as it failed to bring any amicable solution.

The talk was scheduled to be held on May 30 this year however as the state government felt it insecure due to the delicate law and order condition of Senapati in the wake of Nephui rio visits in the state without prior permission had postponed the talk. It may be recalled that the agitation demanding for an alternative arrangement for naga living in Manipur reached momentum after the state government had conducted the Autonomous district council election last year. UNC delegation submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister demanding to cut off all relation with the state government on September 14 last year. The first round of talk was held at New Delhi on September 21 and second round of talk was held on Dec. 3, 2011. None of the talk had ever brought any amicable solution so far.
(for details watch IstV English news dated 30th June)

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