Wednesday, 8 June 2011

More Newly Constructed Drainage Side-walls plunge

Central team appreciation sours common people as matter of quality control remain unnoticed
Rinku Khumukcham
A day after DoNER Secretary Jayanti Chandra had expressed satisfaction to the progress of the various developmental project being undertaken by the state government, portion of a side wall drainage constructed under JNURM plunged today morning leaning to the opposite direction.
The incident happened near construction side of Capitol project at Chingmeirong. When our reporter reached the spot early today morning labourers were seen busied repairing the piece of plunged structure to cover up from getting notice of the higher authorities as well as the local people and media. The area has been expected to have maintained the highest quality control in the construction works due to the proximity of the Capitol Project where the Chief Ministers as well as other concern ministers frequently visited for inspection.
Speaking to our news reporter the contractor of the said portion explained the situation as negligence of the road construction labourer which has been taking up simultaneously. He said the portion of the drainage side wall was plunged after the roller rode close to the wall without checking the maturity of the constructed portion. But the explanation of the contractor failed to convinced our news reporter as he witness the mixture of concrete to be a third class one. One can easily plug out the cemented concretes with bare hands. 
On the other hand locals of Chingmeirong had questioned about the significant of the drain constructed along both the road sides as the level was comparatively higher from the residential area where hundreds of them have been settling. ISTV camera crew made no doubt to even a minor child that the drainage system will never serve to the residence of the area as the level of the drain was much higher ( June 8 English News). The same has been seen, being constructed along the MI road in between Keishampat to Khagempalli area. Even as uninterrupted works are being seen taken up along the proximity area of capitol project no authority seems to care about checking its quality.
The type of incidents which is a true lie about the maintenance of quality control is not the first of its kind, certain such incident had happened earlier. Appearance of cracks at the roof of the newly constructed Kwairamband Keithel Nupi Market complexes, breach of newly constructed retaining wall at Takyel area of Nambul River, collapsed of drainage side wall construction at Kakwa area, collapse of culvert at the right wing canal of Khuga multipurpose project had already been witness by the people of the state in the recent times.
Front page local media reports about the satisfaction of the central team led by DoNER Secretary Jayanti Chandra, Director for Ministry of Finance Vandita Kaul and others to the developmental project being taken up by the state government took most people by surprise. When it become an opened secrete to everyone that no central government sponsored project which are being taken up under NLCPR and Special Plan Assistance (SPA) had never been followed the original guidelines, how could they expressed dissatisfaction, a senior citizen question.
Dr. Thongbam while speaking to this journalist said if the central government team felt that quality is not the matter in taking up the Central government sponsored project then there is something going on between the visiting central team and the state government representatives.
In the feedback column of Sangai Express news a commenter wrote - The so-called high profile team visiting Manipur has no teeth, as there is no member in the team who has the technical and engineering knowledge about the projects being inspected. These bureaucrats only know about kickbacks/commissions and signing in the un-reviewed official documents. Such teams come and go and do not make any difference in the quality of projects being undertaken in Manipur.

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