Sunday, 7 August 2011

Man who promises jobs to Manipuri youths absconded

Office address provided by his NGO Nehru Peace Foundation turns fraudulent 

By Rinku Khumukcham
A person who promises job to 600 youths of the state absconded today after the state Social Welfare department lodged a complaint with the police. Another two lady company of the persons were left in the hotel. Police has been investigating the matter on whether the two ladies have anything to do with him and also on the whereabouts of the absconded person identified as Jose Thomas. 

According to report one Jose Thomas who identified himself as a state secretary of an organization called Nehru Peace Foundation based at New Delhi had reportedly recruited 400 youths of the state to the post of social worker for the organization. Recruitment interview was conducted at Hotel Classic on July 28, August 2, August 4 and August 5 this year after publication of advertisement at Poknapham and Sangai Express daily paper on 23, 24 and 25 July. According to classic hotel authority Jose check in the hotel on July 21 and informed them that he would be checking out on August 30. While registration to the hotel Jose Thomas had reportedly submitted a photo copy of his voter identity card and an identity card issued by the Nehru Peach Foundation. Hotel authority says as according o the identity card Jose Thomas was employed as a social worker in the NGO. According to another source Four person including Thomas and the two lady identitifed as Susan Sheril Alex and Kashychingju had conducted interview of the candidates applied for the post and as many as 200 of them have been provided appointment letters. The matter reached the authority of State Social Welfare department after a youth who got appointment letter inquired about the authenticity of the department. 
Speaking to media persons today afternoon at Hotel Classic Probation Officer of the department K Saroja said as the department authority found suspicious on the nature of the mass employment of youths from the state the department authority along with some of the right activists went and meet Jose Thomas at Hotel Imphal and enquire about what he had been doing. However, as the reply to the questions received certain false and contradictory statement the Social Welfare department authority lodge a complaint informing them about the development. CDPO Beenovala (aka Beenong), rights activist Mala Devi were also present during the meeting
According to police source, soon after the complaint was received by the department a team of police went to meet the person last night. Authorities of Social welfare department and some media person were also present at the scene. However, they didn’t picked up the accuse fraud on the ground that they will question him on the following day. But at early today morning the Classic Hotel authority had informed the police that Jose Thomas had been absconded since early morning i.e, from arounf 5.30 am today morning.  District Superintendent of Police Kailun while speaking to a journalist had said that the matter has been investigating by the police. Further, the police are looking on whether the two girls associated with the absconded person were involved the alleged case of fraud. Source further added that Jose Thomas had no way to make any escape from the state of Manipur as Classic Hotel Authority as well as Police has been alerting about the probable escape at Imphal Airport. Nor the person could make his way out of the state through the two national highways due to the ongoing agitations of the Sardar Hills district demand committee.    
Further investigation by the ISTV News had found that the appointment letters provided to the youths were signed by one Premkumar, a secretary and one Moot S, president of the organization. According to one of the recruited staff 4 lady of the state have already been recruited as a co-worker for the selection process of the candidate. They were promised a handsome pay of Rupees 25,000/- per month if they sponsored 15 students each who were willing to admit at certain course like BE. MBA, MCA, Nursing and others, along with allowances. Those who could not introduce 15 students would get payment of Rs 1000/ each for each introduction. 
A Child right activists LC Somerendro  who has been investigating over the matter recently found out that there was no office of the said Nehru Peace Foundation at RZ/T 23, Sukra Bazar, Uttam Nagar , New Delhi, where Jose Thomas had stated to have located his office. He also said that a doctor have been occupied in the apartment that he had provided as their Office. LC Somerendro further added that organization Nehru Peace Foundation was there for some time at Kerala but has been reportedly closed down. Somerandro had personnelly sent his colleague Maharabi, another child rights activists at Kerala to find out the genuineness of the organization. 

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  1. Corrigidum : Beenovala is the Child Welfare officer of Social Welfare Department and not CDPO as mention in the report. The mistake is regreted.